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Inclusive Education

We provide inclusive education for children from indigenous and nomadic communities that takes into account their unique cultural roots and stories.

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Environmental Consciousness

We work closely with researchers and policy makers to protect local flora and fauna.

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Empowering Women

We provide women from indigenous communities with avenues for earning through their own local skills and crafts.

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What we do

  • Self-reliant Communities

    Focusing on creating a community of informed citizens across the Himalayan region. We work with local communities to strengthen local participation in decision making processes, awareness about policies and equitable access to opportunities.

  • Capacity Building

    Skill development and capacity building exercises to bridge the gap between skills and livelihoods. Through local enterprises and resilient communities, we can create stronger communities.

  • Sustainable Development

    Apart from environmental education, we focus on research that has an impact on the local people’s livelihoods and environmental acts that can have an effect on the local flora and fauna in this sensitive ecological zone. This includes advocacy, action research and compassion for the ecosystems we inhabit.

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Villages impacted by our work
Overall nomadic and indigenous population

Upcoming Programs

Winter Camps

This year in the villages of Nyoma and Himiya- we will be conducting learning camps which will reach 200 children and women from the villages of Changthang. Through development activities and skills training classes, we are slowly building community centered learning models.

Teach Ideas Fellowship

With volunteers across borders, the fellowship will provide a unique immersive opportunity for both volunteers and children to co-opt each other’s spaces and learn new life skills in the process.

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Be A Part Of Our Journey:

More than 2000 children in Changthang have dropped out of school in the last decade. We need your support to get that number down to zero. There are many avenues through which you can help.