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Nurboo Dolma: 

A graduate of Punjab University, Dolma has served as the president of SAVE Changthang (a local student body) for two consecutive years. She successfully led cross-cultural dialogues between students of Changthang and other communities of Ladakh. Given her drive to improve access to education for children of Changthang and also to empower the indigenous and tribal women of the region, she served as one of the most pivotal leaders for local student and community groups. As one of the co-founders of Lhagsam, she will continue her efforts in education and women empowerment in Changthang.

Tashi Gyaltsan: 

A successful entrepreneur, Tashi has founded up and running enterprises such as Dakzhun in Leh and has also served as the president of SAVE (Students Association for Village Education). Tashi is a resident of Nyoma village in Changthang and has worked on large-scale projects such as: setting up of the first ice hockey rink in Nyoma School in collaboration with Ladakh women’s ice hockey foundation, and raising funds for several SAVE projects. Culturally conscious, he spearheaded efforts to publish a booklet on local folk songs. At Lhagsam, he will lead our community campaigns and hopes to impart his expertise in the fields of micro-entrepreneurship and education.

Apala Chaturvedi:

Apala is a lawyer and a Young India Fellow. She has worked closely with locals in Changthang to serve as a counselor, teacher, researcher and an advisor. She handles the research, environmental policy and curriculum design components for Lhagsam.