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A region with one of the poorest teacher to student ratios, Changthang is also home to several BPL families whose children cannot afford education in Leh, 

Other students have to become educational migrants within Leh district often shelling out huge sums of money for accommodation and for other expenses, in addition to socio-cultural stigma they face as Changpas/Changmos

This becomes an economic and psychological burden for both children and parents, especially from poor families. 

We believe education is for all. Through community participation and equitable access to education, we envision communities where each child has an agency and voice. Women who are self-reliant and citizens who are aware and enagaged in decision making processes that directly impact them.

Our unique programs are designed to inculcate a recognition of their cultural pride, local customs whilst also equipping them with employable skills via skill-development workshops. We also work towards creating self-aware communities that are active and engaged with their ecosystems and to facilitate them as a bridge so that their voices are always heard.


Our founders have served Changthang in several capacities over the years. Some of their successful past projects include:

  • Running successful waste management, cultural awareness and skill training workshops in several villages of Changthang
  • Career counseling and successful educational campaigns in the villages
  • Running winter camps (spread across a period of 4 months and providing access to education for more than 100+ children) for the local indigenous and nomadic children from across the diverse communities of Changthang
  • Raising awareness about Changthang’s unique ecology and local culture amongst the villagers across 10+ villages
  • Working with the local government officers to improve existing government schools (one success story is from Himiya)
  • Collecting and compiling primary data about existing demographics, employment opportunities and existing educational institutions within the Changthang region to submit a report to the UT Ladakh government
  • Successfully setting up local businesses that employ and work closely with local residents (Dakzhun)
  • Most recently, we managed to successfully revive Himiya government school. Successfully raising funds worth INR 200000 to improve upon the existing infrastructure, we also managed to convince parents to bring back their children from cities to enroll in the government school. At present, the school has 19 students and 7 teachers and is well on way to its full recovery.

Take a look at our upcoming programs:

Winter Camps

For the coming year when most schools are shut under heavy snowfall and harsh climatic conditions, our team will hold winter camps for children as well as adults in two remote villages of Changthang.

Apart from environmental consciousness and skill development classes- we focus on inculcating mindfulness, critical thinking skills and active compassion for themselves and their ecosystems so that one day they can be the solution for problems that impact their communities.

Teach Ideas Fellowship

Through this fellowship, we encourage young people to live closely with villagers in Changthang whilst also giving them month long training classes in areas of their expertise. 

We are primarily focusing on technical skills that can lead to employment, leadership training to encourage micro-entrepreneurs from local villages and creating community leaders that can create positive solutions for the problems faced by their own ecosystems.

The sign-up form will be up shortly so stay in touch or write to us if you are interested!