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Our Vision: 

We at Lhagsam aim to improve access to education for women and children of Changthang, particularly children belonging to nomadic communities. Access to education includes: working with existing schooling institutions, providing vocational skills training and development classes for adults, and developing avenues for research. 

Our Mission:

  • To provide inclusive education for children from indigenous and nomadic communities that takes into account their unique cultural roots and stories
  • To empower women through classes on financial literacy and vocational as well as skills training
  • To develop learning models that are community-owned keeping parents as an equal partner in their child’s educational journey 
  • To provide women with avenues for earning through their own local skills and crafts 
  • To develop a research center in Changthang that takes into account the area’s unique flora, fauna and geological aspects  

[In place of Social and Environmental Responsibility]

Our Values:

As people of Changthang, we shall endeavor to always work towards the well-being and upliftment of our peoples. We believe every child in Changthang deserves an education that takes into account their unique cultural roots.

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